Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two days in Thulusdhoo

Day 1: Cruised out of Male mid-afternoon with Chris, Amber, Anastasia and a light westerly wind in tow. The conditions had been average over the last few weeks and we were all super keen to get stuck into a few lekker waves. Just under two hours later our public ferry docked at the inhabited island of Thulusdhoo, North Male Atoll - we dumped our bags and headed for Cokes, the local break. The elements came together perfectly and within the hour we were riding mellow 3-4ft reef trains slap-bang into a tropical sunset. The Imam sounded his call to prayer, we caught some whitewash onto the rocks and day one's first session had drawn to a close. Not having had any tucker since lunch, the crew were ravenous and after a quick shower made our way across to a corner cafe for coffee, tuna & rice. Once stuffed, we hit the moonlit beach for a few hours chat before rolling into bed for a solid night's rest.

Day 2: Fully intending to hit the dawn session, my eyes only opened 7ish, Amber's two hours later (it must really have been a tough week); and only Chris found himself in the water at daybreak. It turned into a great little wave and with only a boatful of crazy Spaniards to lineup alongside, there were rides aplenty. I took a breather for tuna sarmies and Pepsi at around 11ish and spent the afternoon chilling at the house fiddling with the the new underwater camera. In nexto no time, the light afternoon breeze was hushed and the sound of an operating reef break once more filled the senses. We hit the waves just before 5 and paddled and chatted and rode epic waves pretty much non-stop for the next two hours. Another magic sunset brought a crackin' session to an end and fish curry, short eats and a Leo Di Caprio movie on the 'big screen' eventually brought the final curtain down on a truly lekker weekend.

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  1. Looks incredible. Was incredible! Anybody who ever gets the chance, visit Cokes or Chickens with 'Surf in Maldives' - nuts!